The power of the latest Z-Wave 700 chip combined with a beautiful design!


develops and produces innovative smart home products and solutions with a strong focus on design, functionality and customer support. HELTUN’s flagship products are ‘Impossibly Thin’ on the wall, yet ‘Impossibly Smart,’ packed with features that most other similar products on the market lack.

Z-Wave 700

is the latest generation of Z-Wave chip. This edition offers major advantages over older versions of Z-Wave chips in a lot of different ways. Two of the main improvements include faster wireless speed with wider range and increased battery life.

Being the first company to achieve the Z-Wave 700 platform certification for all available Z Wave frequencies worldwide, HELTUN’s smooth, intuitive and future friendly products and solutions are designed with the customer in mind.


offered by HELTUN are meticulously designed and innovative in many areas. They are mainly intended for the control of lighting, blinds, air-conditioning, heating and various other electrical appliances.



Take control

  • Electric underfloor heating
  • Electric boilers
  • Radiators & panel heaters
  • Snow melting systems
  • Electric rooves
  • Electric fireplaces
Heating Thermostat HE-HT01
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Take control

  • Floor convectors
  • Ceiling concealed / cassette
  • Fan coil units
  • Wall / window mounted AC
  • Portable convectors
  • Standing tower AC
Fan Coil Thermostat HE-FT01
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Relay Switch Quinto HE-RS01
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Take control

  • Motorised curtains / blinds
  • Motorised doors / windows
  • Electronic locks
  • Electronic valves
  • Lights
  • Multi-gang light switches
High Load Switch HE-HLS01
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Take control

  • Electric underfloor heating
  • Electric boilers
  • Electric radiators
  • Electric snow melting systems
  • Electric outlets
  • Circuit breakers


The touch panel has the same function as the Relay Quinto with the added exterior surface: a touch panel instead of a standard switch button. They are available in 30 different colour combinations and can connect to 1 to 6 devices.

Touch Panel Switch HE-TPS01
Touch Panel Switch HE-TPS02
Touch Panel Switch HE-TPS03
Touch Panel Switch HE-TPS04
Touch Panel Switch HE-TPS05