Office of our electrician partner in Gals

Customer request: The company e_lec, our partner for electrical work, wanted to automate their offices and at the same time create a showroom to demonstrate the possibilities of a home automation system. They wanted to be able to control all the lights (ceiling lights, ambient LEDs, spotlights, etc.) and use a simple and effective alarm system.




Alarm system

An alarm system based on a FIBARO control panel has been installed. The entire office has been fitted with motion sensors and door and window opening sensors. A coded keypad has been installed for activating and deactivating the alarm.

In the event of a break-in, a siren and a light alarm are triggered. All employees in the office receive a notification on their phone and can thus notify the police if necessary.

Lighting management

The office of this company is equipped with several lights:

  • Large ceiling lamps for general lighting
  • Ceiling spotlights for lighting specific areas
  • LED strip surrounding the entire office for mood lighting
  • Various small mood lamps.

In order to facilitate the use of all these lamps, the following scenarios have been created:

  • Standard light: turns on large ceiling lamps as well as the white LED strip for standard office lighting.
  • Meetings: turns on the spotlights and lamps around the meeting area.
  • Cleaning: turns on all lamps at full power to have enough light for cleaning.
  • Employee light: individual spot lights are activated according to the employee present (i.e. in a designated seating area through an employee-specific key code).

These different scenarios are activated either by pressing a switch, through the phone app, or by the person who deactivates the alarm. In the latter case, thanks to the personalised codes, it is possible to turn on the lights specifically for the person according to their needs.

Several spotlights installed on the ceiling are programmed to light up according to the motion sensors installed at different locations in the office. Therefore, when an employee goes to the printer, for example, they do not have to worry about manually switching on the light as it automatically turns on when they arrive and then off when movement is no longer detected.

When the alarm is activated, all lights are automatically turned off. A button has also been installed next to the keypad so that all lights can be switched off without activating the alarm.