Home automation? Smart home? Which product? Which system? How to install?


These are just some of the questions you might ask if you want to install an automation system at home. We will advise and help you choose the system and accessories that best suit your needs and wishes. We look forward to personally collaborating with you to develop a project in your home, defining what you can do for yourself and what we can do for you. We will continue to assist you during all stages of the “upgrade” of your home, from controlling the material devices to programming and installing your system, while delegating certain tasks to external specialists (electricity, installation of new blinds, motorisation of the garage door, etc.).

Sale of the Components

Here you will find the complete range of home automation devices and components, such as:

  •     Home automation systems
  •     Sensors (presence, brightness, temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide, etc.)
  •     Actuators (for lamps, blinds, radiators, etc.)
  •     Surveillance cameras
  •     Multimedia components
  •     Weather stations

And many more components at attractive prices.


Our goal is for you to be as independent as possible in managing your home automation system. For this reason, we offer a variety of training courses on the Fibaro system at all levels. These training courses range from basic training, where you will learn to connect the devices to your box and use them in simple scenarios, to the most advanced training courses where you will learn to create complex scenarios using LUA code. This allows you to customise or extend your home automation system according to your needs without having to refer to a professional every time.


Of course, not everyone wants to program their own home automation system; therefore, we also offer more readily available, completed solutions. Together, we define a project/product/system that corresponds to your wishes, and then we take care of everything you do not want to do yourself. This includes, but is not limited to:

  •     Hardware installation
  •     Assignment and follow-up of manual work if involvements of external companies are required
  •     Home Center Box programming
  •     Creation of complex scenarios according to your needs

Do what you like and as much as you like – we will do the rest.