What is Z-Wave?

Z-Wave is the wireless communication protocol that allows the various home automation components in your home to communicate with each other. Designed specifically for home automation, Z-Wave is secure and allows inter-compatibility with all devices with this technology.

Z-Wave has the special feature of creating a mesh network, which means that some devices serve as communication nodes for other devices. So if a Z-Wave device is too far away from the main controller, it is connected to another nearby device and communicates with the main controller via that device.

Why Z-Wave?

To install, it does not require any rewiring of your home’s current electrical setup.

You can get started with minimal investment and easily add more smart products later.

Having been on the market for over 10 years, Z-Wave has proven to be the top home automation solution on the market.
Z-Wave technology uses the same encryption as online banking making it the safe choice for your smart home.
The biggest brand names on the market use Z-Wave in their smart home products.
There are already 50 million products in smart homes worldwide.

With over 2100 smart home automation products on the market, Z-Wave products provide many choices to suit your needs – styles, price points, colours, functionality, etc.