The advantages of networked lighting

The benefits of a networked lighting system are numerous. It’s obvious that pressing a button to turn on a light only takes a split second, but connected lighting goes much further than simply turning on a lamp.


By networking your lighting, you gain convenience, for example, by using a general off-switch next to the front door that switches off all the lights in your apartment at once. You can also assign your lighting to different scenarios, e.g., a television scenario that automatically turns off the main lights and only turns on the ambient lighting.

Save energy

It’s easy to forget to turn off the lights, and you’ve probably seen a building where dozens of lights are on for no reason all the time. By coupling lights with motion detectors, lights are only switched on when a person is present and automatically switched off again after a certain time.


Depending on the time of day or our emotions, we prefer different lighting moods. With networked lighting you have the opportunity to create different atmospheres by varying the colour of the lights and their intensity. Therefore, when you get up in the morning you can have a soft and warm light to wake you up and when you want to work at your desk you have a white light that simulates natural light.

Easy installation

When installing a new light switch during your home renovations, it can sometimes be very difficult to remove electrical wires. With a networked lighting system, you only need to add a wireless switch and your light is easily connected to the overall system.