The advantages of a connected intercom

All buildings and many houses are equipped with intercoms. Newer buildings are equipped with video intercoms but many are still audio only. Replacing your intercom with a connected system offers you new possibilities:


With a video intercom, you see the person present at your door. This allows you to better define whether you are at risk or not. With the motion detection function, your intercom records an image whenever motion is detected. You can thus observe if suspicious movements are made in front of your house.

Connection anytime

The postman comes by when you are not at home? No problem, your intercom is connected to your smartphone and as soon as someone rings you receive a notification on your smartphone. You have the possibility, from a distance, to see the person who rang the doorbell, to chat with them and to open the door if necessary.

Various opening possibilities

Connected intercoms offer various possibilities on how to open your door in addition to the traditional key:

  • pin code on the intercom
  • with your smartphone
  • RFID card or tag
  • digital print
  • facial recognition
Access sharing

With a connected intercom you have the possibility of transmitting access to other people. For example:

  • between 2 fixed dates for Airbnb customers
  • every Monday between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. for the cleaner
  • unique access for a painter coming to redo the living room
  • ….