Small building in Biel

The client request

The client wanted a security system with a camera covering all entrances to the house.

In addition, for comfort, they wanted to automate all the lights in the basement so that they turn on when movement is detected. To save energy, the client also wanted to replace all the existing lights with LED lights.

Finally, the customer wanted to install a card payment system for the washing machines.



Security cameras

High-definition security cameras with anti-vandalism protection from Axis have been installed to cover all entrances to the building. These cameras operate continuously and are equipped with motion detectors that trigger recording. The images are saved for several days on an internal hard drive and a copy is also made online.

Equipment of the entire basement with LED lights and motion detectors

All the lights in the basement have been replaced with new LED lights.

LED ceiling lights have been installed in the corridors and living rooms and LED spotlights have been installed in the cellars. All lamps have been fitted with motion detectors and, therefore, are automatic so residents no longer need to think about switching them on as they do this alone as soon as movement is detected and turn off after a certain time when no one is present.



Card payment system for washing machines

A card payment system was installed and connected to the three existing washing machines. This allows the tenants of each apartment to use the three machines with their personal card and the owner of the building to be able to distribute the costs of the machines according to use.