Automation of floor heating in 4 flats in Grandson

Customer request

We were contacted by several co-owners who wanted to save on heating costs by upgrading their underfloor heating system. In addition, they wanted to have a simple system to regulate the temperature and heating power in each room.


Automation of the floor heating system

In order to automate the floor heating system, we proposed to the customers the installation of the FIBARO Home Center 3 Lite box and a Heatit Z-Water central heating unit. Motorized valves replace each underfloor heating tap and are connected to the Z-Water central unit.



Temperature sensors

idomotique always favours open and non-proprietary systems for its installations. The FIBARO system meets these criteria because it allows the connection of sensors of any brand as long as they support the Z-Wave communication protocol. Thanks to this, we have been able to offer different temperature sensors to customers. Depending on their needs, these sensors can also be combined.

The multifunctional FIBARO sensor measures temperature, brightness and the presence of a person in the room.

FIBARO smoke sensor are used for the early detection of fires. They are also equipped with a temperature sensor.

Heatit thermostats have a temperature sensor and a humidity sensor. In addition, a digital display allows these values to be viewed directly on the device. Buttons are also integrated for setting the desired temperature.

In the end, three of the customers opted for a solution with thermostats in each room and the last customer chose a hybrid solution with a thermostat in the main room and presence sensors in the other rooms.

Services used for this installation