House in Monthey

Customer request

The customer had planned to redo the insulation around their house and wanted to take the opportunity at this time to replace all the shutters with electric blinds with the ability to be able to control them centrally. They wanted an open and scalable system to which they could add other home automation elements onto at a later date.


Home automation system

As the customer wanted to add other home automation elements such as lamps or heating, they opted for a FIBARO Home Center 3 control unit.


Electrification of the blinds

In order to simplify the installation and thus reduce costs for the customer, we installed the power cables for the blind motors on the outside of the house. This had the advantage that no alterations were made to the interior walls.
Each blind motor was equipped with a FIBARO wireless communication module which is controlled by wireless switches installed according to the customer’s wishes.
In this case, home automation allows the customer to save money on the installation, to be able to install the switches at the entrance of the room and not directly next to the window, and to be able to control several blinds from the same switch.